Get To Know us

The Foundation

Early Days & Professional Background

HEALiX roots are grounded in the personal training industry.  Our founder, Michael Browne, started his journey as an avid athlete, who transitioned to a certified trainer and nutrition consult.  In his 10 years as a certified professional, he worked in private settings and corporate gyms with clients ranging from professional athletes working to maximize skills to stay at home mothers looking to re-composition their body’s.

During his time working with individuals to conquer their physical goals, he became a licensed psychologist. He dedicated another 10 years working with children and families to help conquer mental challenges and goals.

Through all of it, he realized a common theme: People frequently under estimate what their mind and bodies are capable of. Both him and his closest professional friends found fulfillment in helping people to recognize their potential, and seeing them thrive once they gained faith in their abilities.

Forming HEALiX

Integrity, Motivation and People

Through the years in both fields, Mike grew a network of knowledgeable professionals. When his path led him to a fork in the road, he knew he had a network capable of helping others on a different level. Seeking to reach more people and start a business, the internet seemed like the easiest way to maximize reach.

After moving through a variety of ideas, concepts, and products, he realized he would have to go back to his roots. This led to the creation of the HEALiX Sauna Blanket, a reunion with his passion for wellness, and the start of a journey to help people achieve better wellness. He was determined to create a brand which followed through on all the reasons he left professional fields before.

HEALiX would be grounded in valuing people and relationships, integrity, and education.

Our Goal For You

how we can help & What We Want to see happen for you

These principles are still the goal we have for every client today. There are other brands out there promoting products that can help your wellness, even a few that teach you about how infrared can physically have a positive impact.

However, our experience has shown us that a product alone is rarely enough to shift personal wellness.

Wellness requires a shift in emotional, psychological, educational, and physical foundations. That’s what we’re attempting to do at HEALiX.

We are doing our best to give information on our customers most common goals. Our blogs are based on published research, our newsletters are meant to help provide guidance and our social media provides both tips and motivation to change psychological perspective.

We have faith in you, because we have seen others come a long way by following the principles we continue to encourage here at HEALiX.

Start to follow us to gain faith in our process and learn about your goals. Then become a customer to find the highest quality products that will supplement your knowledge and new found faith in yourself!