HEALiX Outlet Deals

Same Quality, Lower Prices

How It Works....

From trade shows to marketing shoots, we have units that are lightly used, but in perfect condition. Over the years, we have spoken to hundreds of customers. Many of them asked if we had any options that were more budget friendly. 

Enter the Outlet: Overstock items, in like new condition, professionally cleaned, and given to you at a more affordable price point.

The Deals

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Outlet | HEALiX Sauna Blanket

The flagship product of the HEALiX line has been serving our clients for more than 5 years now with 1000’s of happy users and quality that allows us to offer a 2 year warranty and industry longest 45 day, money back, satisfaction guarantee.



You can bring a spa like experience home with you now to find higher level privacy and sanitation for therapy modes that were once only available for those willing to split facilities with the public in gyms, health spas and infrared lounges.

More compact, portable and private, our HEALiX Sauna Blankets provide the highest quality on the market at a fraction of the price of a free standing unit, with the ability to be utilized in even the smallest living quarters.

Sale Off
Outlet | HEALiX Stash

The HEALiX Stash is next level! All our therapy devices come with a basic carrying bag… but the Stash is far from basic.

Unlike the stock carrying bags, the Stash comes with enough room in the main compartment to store multiple Comfort Sauna Blanket Inserts!

Additional pockets are helpful for you to store your controller and sauna therapy accessories separately and safely.

Thick, sturdy backpack straps make carrying your HEALiX or HEALiX-Z much easier and more comfortable, while also adding durability to your new carrying bag.

Whether you are planning to travel or just keep your HEALiX Sauna Blanket stored optimally, the HEALiX Stash is a great upgrade in convenience, durability, and reliability!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these units priced lower than retail?

We use units for commercial production and show casing. We do not place those units back into circulation for new retail purchase. We have created the HEALiX Outlet to provide customers the option to purchase lightly used models at a significantly lower price.

Do they still have the a satisfaction guarantee and warranty?

Yes! However the return window is reduced to 30 days instead of 45 days. The manufacturing warranty remains 2 years. We reduce the return window for satisfaction because of the expense incurred to prepare these units for shipping.

What can I expect to be different with these units?

All HEALiX Outlet products should be expected to be received in like new condition with instruction manual, carrying bag, and a controller.  The unit may come without its branded packaging. Additionally, the branded carton may be used for shipping purposes. 

Can I still use my HSA/FSA card?

Yes, we can still accept payment via FSA or HSA for these items. 

Have these units been used before?

Not all units have been used, some are brand new that were only photographed. Most have been used in some capacity. We have units that have been used for demonstration and commercial shoots.  All of them are in like new condition. They are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before being packed for shipping.

What are estimated shipping times?

All Locations in the Continental United States are 2-5 Business Days Shipping. Processing times are 1-3 Days.