Our Story

From multiple professional angles, HEALiX evolved from different varieties of helping individuals find wellness.

Our cutting-edge technologies are geared to support individuals working towards higher quality and longevity of life. We back that up with integrity and honesty in a brand valuing people.

Meet The Owner

My journey has been a winding path steeped in training, athletics, nutrition, and mental health.

My former careers contributed to gaining experience, knowledge, and a deep passion for the world of wellness.

I share my credentials not to brag, but to build trust with potential clients that the foundation of HEALiX, and myself, have real world experience in many aspects of wellness.

My Experience Includes:

  • 10 Years Professional licensure as a Psychologist in Texas and New York, working in diagnostics and counseling, mostly with challenged youths and families.

  • 15+ Years in Fitness, Nutrition, and Strength & Conditioning. I worked with everyone from stay-at-home moms to professional athletes, holding multiple credentials through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

  • 25 Years of competitive hockey. I focused most of my energy on achieving as an inline goaltender with 12+ National Titles as a youth, collegiate and professional athlete... in no doubt due to expanding my knowledge of strength and conditioning, on top of nutrition, plus self-experimentation.

An untimely combination of serious injury and ethical dilemmas lead me to leave my profession as a psychologist at the same time I was forced to end my hockey career.

With little plan, I embarked forward with the goal of pursuing my passions and heart to find a life free and fulfilling; Wellness and working with people immediately came to the surface.

From this HEALiX, and its ethical foundation, were born. Growing by the day, we strive to provide people-oriented services that help clients realize their body is capable of amazing things given proper treatment, fuel, and tools.

Even if you don't become a customer, I implore you to become a follower, and take in our free educational resources! 

My goal is to help people better themselves through both education and gaining greater self-awareness. Everything after that is a bonus.

Michael Browne  / Owner

Our Mission & Vision

HEALiX’s mission is to inspire people to realize their body’s ability to thrive given proper physical treatment, paired with mindful thought, mental care, and nutrition. That is why we don’t just sell products; we offer a wide variety of educational pieces. From E-books to an extensive blog, we encourage everyone to utilize our knowledge… customer or not.

The HEALiX vision is to create a group of people that are not just supported by cool wellness gear, but individuals that hold the consciousness to bio-hack themselves on the daily. We know first-hand the invigorating motivation that can come from this. We are working for others experience that and share our vision to bring the ability and knowledge to others… creating a chain effect and helping add to the shift in wellness our industrialized world needs so badly.

Our Products

We seek products that are cutting edge, but also have research behind them. If you take time to view our website, you will find we cite research throughout blogs and product pages.

Although we do offer some features solely on customer request (because that matters to us), products themselves are not added to our catalog without published research supporting the technology.

You will find: Most have really interesting research to back them up!

We have the longest satisfaction guarantee in the industry on our flagship products, along with a 2 year warranty. We are certified non-toxic/VOC Free, pass all FCC safety requirements, and pride ourselves with ZERO EMF on our far infrared products.

Effective + Safe


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