Infrared Sauna Sessions Near Me: HOME

Infrared Sauna Sessions Near Me: HOME

March 6th, 2023 | Wellness Tech

Should You Invest in an Infrared Sauna?

Thinking about purchasing infrared sauna sessions near you? Maybe you’ve been mulling it over for some time now. You’ve researched the benefits, and you know it could be a great addition to your regular health and wellness regime.

So, if you’ve been Googling “infrared sauna sessions near me,” this article is for you. Below, we’ll take a look at the cost of sessions versus buying a home system for yourself, as well as the similarities and differences between an infrared sauna versus an infrared sauna blanket. Let’s dive in!

Infrared Sauna Sessions: What You Should Know

Research indicates that infrared saunas have the power to aid in detoxification, enhance blood flow, reduce fatigue, decrease stress, improve sleep, improve relaxation, decrease pain, accelerate wound healing, aid in recovery, and so much more1,2. Even if you’re simply looking to relax and de-stress after a tough day at work, an infrared sauna can offer the oasis you need.

Infrared light can also provide anti-aging benefits, specifically when it comes to boosting collagen and elastin in the skin3. The studies prove this to be true, meaning the power of light should never be underestimated.

Yet, when it comes to making a decision about whether or not you should purchase sauna sessions or install one within the comfort of your own home, you might still have a few questions. So, let’s answer them!

The Cost of Infrared Sauna Sessions vs Buying a Home System

You could always opt for infrared sauna sessions outside of your home. You’ve probably searched “infrared sauna sessions near me,” and found an array of spas, health centers, and gyms that offer this service. Some may cost between $50 to $100 per month, with more luxurious spas costing around $100 per person per visit.

In other words, these costs could add up quickly, especially if you intend on regularly going to truly reap the benefits. However, adding an infrared sauna or infrared sauna blanket, such as the HEALiX Sauna Blanket, may actually cost you less over time.

While there is an initial expense to purchase the sauna or blanket, most sessions will only cost you up to $10 per time (depending on your electricity rate and how long you spend in the sauna). An infrared sauna blanket will cost you even less since it’s more compact, plus it provides more direct infrared light to the body.

Free Standing Infrared Saunas vs Infrared Sauna Blankets

At the end of the day, an infrared sauna blanket will come with a much lower price tag when compared to a full-blown free-standing sauna. On top of this, an infrared sauna blanket is portable, allowing you to cozy up on your favorite reading chair or relax in your lounger as you watch TV.

Yet, an infrared sauna blanket won’t direct infrared rays to your face or neck. This is important to note if you intend on using your infrared sauna sessions to potentially prevent or reduce facial wrinkles or sun spots.

Using an Infrared Sauna or an Infrared Sauna Blanket

Once you’ve made your decision on whether you’re opting for infrared sauna sessions near you or a home version, you can begin your infrared health journey! A few things you’ll want to keep in mind here:

Avoid alcohol before and immediately after your sauna sessions

● Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sessions

● Wear loose clothing or a bathing suit

● Start with just a few minutes at your first session and gradually increase from there

● Aim for 30-60 minute sessions once you’ve gotten used to the heat (This may take a few rounds!)

● Consider meditating, doing yoga, or performing breathwork while basking in your sauna or sauna blanket.

● Prioritize performing your sessions regularly to gain all of the benefits

● Consider doing your sessions first thing in the morning or right before bed for optimal wellness and health (and even better sleep and energy!)

● Make time to shower afterward (A cold plunge after is euphoric)

● Schedule your sessions in your calendar to ensure you stay on track