PEMF Mat vs Infrared Sauna Blanket

PEMF Mat vs Infrared Sauna Blanket

February 15th, 2023 | Wellness Tech

How Do Specific Frequencies Impact Your Body & Health?

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy isn’t exactly new technology. Many decades ago, NASA sought out a way to prevent bone loss and muscle atrophy during space missions. NASA researchers quickly discovered that PEMF created biological responses in the bone and muscle tissue, which prevents bone and muscle aches and pains and other issues caused by decreased gravity.

In fact, PEMF has been found to enhance bone regeneration to such a degree that it’s also been used to help heal injured bones in racehorses. Clearly, there’s something to it. Eventually, PEMF was certified by the FDA for human treatments, including non-union fractures, depressions, and even certain types of cancers!

In the same way that we pick up on negative or positive vibes, our bodies also tune into differing frequencies. These frequencies both hinder and help our health in various ways. The PEMF mat offers various benefits for our bodies and our health. It’s thought to enhance well-being by improving sleep, enhancing relaxation, and aiding in muscular recovery. So, how does the PEMF mat compare to an infrared sauna blanket? What should you know?

The Differences Between A PEMF Mat vs An Infrared Sauna Blanket

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) utilizes EMFs (Electric Magnetic Fields) at an ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and delivers these frequencies to the body safely and effectively, amplifying natural healing abilities. In fact, research indicates PEMF may help reduce pain, decrease stiffness, heal wounds, boost mood, reduce stress, improve circulation, improve immunity, decrease inflammation, and enhance overall health1.

A PEMF mat is praised for its relaxation benefits, and all you need to do to achieve this is lie on it. Many individuals use this time to meditate or practice deep breathing, furthering advantageous effects. But there’s more!

PEMF is also used by individuals undergoing chemotherapy and mold detoxification, as well as those striving to manage arthritis and its associated symptoms. Undeniably, it has many applications and countless health benefits.

So, how does PEMF compare to an infrared sauna blanket?

EMFs come with a lot of negative side effects, making PEMFs sound a bit scary. We’re already exposed to tons of EMFs each day via our electronic devices, and even low levels of exposure have been linked to depression, anxiety, nausea, headaches, cancer, and reduced libido2,3. In fact, many of these negative EMF effects are the exact opposite of benefits associated with infrared therapy. It all comes down to the frequency of the electromagnetic field being produced.

PEMF mats emit an EMF frequency that is helping, not hurting. Interestingly, many far infrared products function at higher and more harmful EMF range. One key difference between the PEMF mat and an infrared sauna blanket include the fact that PEMF is a lower and pulsing frequency, tuned to support healthy cell function and promote the healing abilities of the body. Infrared sauna blankets on the other hand rely heavily on absorbing light energy and converting it to kinetic energy readily available for cells to utilize. Since far infrared light sits outside the visible field for humans, we perceive that energy as heat when it increases cell activity.

HEALiX’s Revive PEMF & Infrared Mat offers a safer and superior option to other PEMF mats on the market due to its combination of zero EMF far infrared and fully adjustable PEMF. However, the infrared sauna blanket is a better option if you seek maximal detoxification via heavy perspiration. In fact, HEALiX offers a Zero EMF Far Infrared Sauna Blanket due to its built-in EMF blocking technology, making it one of the best options consumers can find.

Infrared saunas are further associated with ample health benefits, such as:

● Improved sleep

● Enhanced detoxification

● Improved wound healing

● Reduced joint pain

● Accelerated muscle recovery

● Boosted immunity

● Enhanced relaxation

● Reduced blood pressure

● And more!4

Some of the original purposes of PEMF had it designed to replicate the naturally occurring frequency of planet earth. The Earth has a fundamental magnetic field resonance frequency, referred to as the Schumann Frequency, which typically oscillates at 7.83Hz. Our bodies have evolved to operate optimally in this type of magnetic field, making the Schumann Frequency a vital component for our overall well-being. By providing ourselves with more of the same frequency found in nature, PEMF serves as a complementary addition to the magnetic field that we are naturally exposed to.

Meanwhile, infrared therapy operates on a slightly different frequency or “wavelength,” typically between between 100 to 1000 nm5,6.

Which Should You Choose?

The truth is that these two healing modalities complement one another. In fact, many individuals use both to effectively enhance their well-being and health.

The best way to combine these two therapeutic techniques is by using a PEMF mat for 30 minutes, which improves cellular respiratory processes. In turn, this may enhance the benefits of an infrared sauna blanket session performed immediately afterward. This is why many brands and companies offer PEMF and FIR as a combined therapy.

If you’re looking for a PEMF mat to compliment your HEALiX infrared sauna blanket, ensure you purchase one made with professional-grade material, that it has a money-back guarantee, and that it's coming from a reputable company (Checking out reviews goes a long way!). A great option is the HEALiX Revive PEMF & Infrared Mat, which includes the best of both worlds!

Lastly, here are a few tips for your combined PEMF mat and infrared sauna blanket sessions:

● Stay properly hydrated before and afterward

● Wear loose and comfortable clothing

● Take time to meditate during your sessions (or perform a relaxing activity, such as deep breathing or reading)

● Set the PEMF mat timer accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about time

● Keep your infrared sauna blanket session to 45 minutes or less

● Don’t consume alcohol before or immediately after your sessions